Thursday, January 25, 2007

Family Meet up(a short post)

My sister’s and am family were with me two weeks ago. It was so wonderful I could keep in touch with my sisters again.(From left are Eugenia and my elder’s sister Eunice. )

Me and my stupid , spastic Smile.
We had caterers for our lunchl as we had vistors from our relatives comming in.
A picture of my Nephew with my grandma.
I really can't believe I was that fat till I saw this picture .My sisters were right. I am really putting on weight.(got to do something......fat ass)

P/S:This was a late post cuz I had to upload the pictures from my sister's camera, when she next visited My parents.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Are you ON some kind of a drug??

Picture of the ritalin I took with a webcam
I took 2 tabs of Ritalin before going out with my friend list night.It kicks in a little so I consumed another 2 pills and that made 40mg of methylphenidat. The feeling of the 'Go pills' feels like Smocking(free base) Crack to me. My faithful friend whom I will not name,does a very important part in my music arrangements. He will go like. “No Intro part was not done well enough to catch the listener’s attention!!! ….. B2 part will be better with this feel or the adlib is too long.....the bridge does not suite the theme of the song! ect……… He also gives me the initiative to push myself not to be lazy in my accent and the feel for the Wind or Strings instruments .He is a pal I really need.

Picture of two blister packs of Stinnox
I had this feeling he knows I am on somthing and that troubles me alot.Anyway the incident is history. No point thinking aboult it ya....

Picture of a blister pack of Stilnox with 5 Tabs consumed
By the time I was go back to my parent's home I was having a hard time with the comedown.
I took 5 tabs of Stilnox(making it 50mg) to ease the crash.

This is a non-benzodiazipine short acting hyponic .Anyway I am too tiried to blog aboult today's incident. I just hope he does not come across my blog.

NOTE:I am typing after consuming 500MCG's of Zopidem.So there maybe lots of grammar and spelling errors .

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Jumping to his death

Was in a place where I was and I met a guy in there for glue. He jumps off the building from a block of flats. Was so lonely got glue and decided to do the déjà vu think. I realized he was not the only guy doing these shit. I was not the only glue snuffer, sniffing in the 27th story. I saw trills of ,ex glue sniffing ass holes there before me. I still can’t understand why he jumps.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Singapore Zoo

I went with my parents and grandma to the Singapore Zoo today.
We watched the animal show done by the professionally train animals.
I love this part.(where he uses a blow pipe to shoot objects)

He is going to another more conducive place to 'enclose' it. ( hate the word)

This is his mother .....he must have been sleeping at the time when we were there.
A picture of my family behind is the zebras .

We stop for lanch at the food outlet in the zoo

A full view of us.

My mum with her salad. She don’t eat meat.(She will give a thousand reasons why killing or eating poetry is bad.)

This is my meal. I ordered lasagna with coffee.(cappuccino)

My Dad and me after the meal.

we went to see the white tigers

Me and Dad again behine the white tigers.

The Australian Emu

The goat.My favourite animal !
I find this breed of Otter very loveable
Three little pigs ......
And the bear.(Apparently )
Saying bye to us.

Friday, January 05, 2007

A clip not to be missed

Thursday, January 04, 2007

The meet up to say Sorry

I have promise you a lot of things and I did not keep to my promises. I am publishing this page to say I am sorry about my drug binges, not allowing you to meet my regemetal parents ect... . All in all you are a great friend and “sister” indeed. I will aways remember you. Aways...................
p/s: My parents kept my camera so I had to drag you for this Picture using the webcam .Very Sorry Jean.