Saturday, December 30, 2006

Net cafe where I update my blog

This I one of the net cafes where I update my blog. I is a cafe near my home so I went there to surf the internet, and to upload my demos to my production company(they are on ADSL so it is faster). They use microsoft home as an OS(Not Lunix) *strugs*.I also lost my 1G flash drive as I was intoxicated. I left the place with my flash drive plug into the usb to take 5 and it was gone. One of those mother fuckers must have took it while I was having a smoke break. Anyway I am now on 250mg of Diazepam and 30mg of Midazolam. Anyway I am doing some songs for kit chan formally form Ocean Butterflyies but I am now with Case woo .

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Family meet up.

My Parents and my sister’s boyfriend were in Singapore to spend their Christmas with me. I went to the Singapore garden festival at Suntec city with my parents. While my sister my her boyfriend were together shopping.

This are a few of best shots taken from the flower festival named Garden city.

It really hate the look of the digitally Scanned out pictures as it looks digital .(har?) Yes it was my mistake I should have done it under "Raw" Format Using photoshop,cuz some was flim.

A close up shot with a Slr.

And my parents and me using a digital point and shoot camera.

We met at 1730hrs ending up our day eating Japanese food . All in all it was a boring met up , but it feels aways nice being clean and sober being with my loved ones during these occasions.

P/s I know I look fucking ugly in this post.All thanks to the opite cravings.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

My new banner

I have decided to use a new banner relating to the passion and profession I am in, and that will be music. By the way I am not a DJ. I arrange music, and did talk about how I go about doing my arrangements in my older post in the past. So I shall not repeat it again.
I did not make anyone famous other than having a part with the famale Duo singers "Two female person"(Translated from mandarin. )When I was aboult 16-18 years old. when working for Touch Music and than Ocean Butterflies part time under "Sunkist" (Wang Yuan ChenSpell).But he is gone, due to a heart attack.

Take care enjoy youself.

I got a picture of my Mum and Dad posted to me Via E-Mail asking how I was. I told them I am doing fine and had lots of undone demos to arrange. Just to let you guys know my parents had decided to settle down pretty soon in Australia with my sisters. I really hope they will be doing good there. Its been aboult two months we had really talk . BTY DAD don’t call. I will be going for a holiday also soon .So don’t worry Dad , If you are reading this I am still in good health :) .You take care Guys

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Drug bing and getting paranoid

I have enough ephedrine "like" substance and opiates to give me an A.k.A Speed Ball binge The brain rush is making me awake for the 49th Hour. I am twicking myself stupid. Fuck!

After Note: Doing Speed Ball is the Combination of comsuming Herion plus Cocaine into ones Body system.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Malaysian Web blogger Poh Huai Bin

I am really wondering where or how is he now in Malaysia .He is one of the elite bloggers in Asia. (Correct me if I am wrong).He does good food reviews, detailed Substance experiences and he is also a gourmet. You can see his old Archives by Clicking Here.I have a friend that has Bipolar Depression and he is a great pal to get along with. The only thing is that “he” had only short term friends or only has them to use them. My friend of mine described the feeling of the problem, for example giving a scenario he was playing basketball with his high school mate very happily and suddenly feels “what the fuck is he doing there suddenly” and gets really depress. And than self medicate himself with alcohol.

Monday, December 18, 2006

More pictures From Japan

Theses pictures where taken with a point and shoot camera.
Looks like my sister is into the “photographer” mood also

I wish I was there with mine Nikon Fm2

Street Photography. All the way Eugenia

You went to Tokyo . Sharks!!!

I wish I was there

But I am Kinda stuck.....In Singapore

Sunday, December 17, 2006

It’s Winter in Japan

My sister of mine just sent me some pictures she took from Japan !

This is how the room looks in Osaka.

The Pedestal pan is so interesting . The Japs are paper conservative so they have this unique device.

And a shot from Osaka shopping area.

It still shows my sister still loves me . :)

Saturday, December 09, 2006

I know you hate me but I love you

I love my sister with all my heart
As we grew older we've grown apart

The best friend I had, the secrets we shared
No one could doubt our love that we cared

Now miles between us and long distance apart
I love you sis, with all of my heart.

© By Lisa M. Jennings

Personal/Note : If you have read this , I am staying at home tonight , because you will aways be in my heart.

They abused it that’s why they "ban" it.

I happened to find a old MIMS (1980) where Erimin 5 was not off the shelf yet in Singapore.
Erimin5 Nimetazepam is used for people who have insomnia .

I did a review on it before but I will review it again as because I was given Nimetazepam when I was in rehab. One 5mg tab to sleep (ordered on demand).

I consumed the pill given by the staff . After 15 minutes I felt the muscles on my face , neck and body being relaxed ! . (I wanted to stay awake cuz it feels so relaxing, but decided to just sleep.)
Anyway that’s what Erimin is about. It helps to relax the nerves on the back of the neck when It gets stiff and achy and does alot more like sleep , panic attacks ect ……….
Got to tell MYSELF.....USE IT Don`t abused it
These are the new pictures of the Erimin5 I took

Note: pictures was taken with a cheap webcam , so It maybe hard to read.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Me me me ...........

Standing in the rain alone no body knows the pain I know
In times of Pain and days of rain
no body seems to care a strain.
When things go wrong as they sometimes do
the will to sin is always there.

Note : I know I am writing very selfish and simple peom.
sorry guys.... very sorry