Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I am so bord (up dated)

A Pfizer notebook and a pen what a combination

I really have nothing to blog about so I decided to take A picture of myself with my web cam.

Looks silly right?? That's what I am. So I decided to do and see the Doctor for some
benzodiazepins .I decided to chose Alprazolam (xanax)to chill out.

A Photo of the blister pack by Pfizer
The 0.5mg strength is all that they have.So have to make do. Anyway it is only SGD$5.00 a pill

The expiry date and the MFG date is clearly inprint on the pack.(Good
quality control ! :)
This is what is written on the tablet.(UPJOHN 55) 55??????? Ok I will be happy after consuming the pills.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you look better in person

3:59 AM  

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