Saturday, December 09, 2006

They abused it that’s why they "ban" it.

I happened to find a old MIMS (1980) where Erimin 5 was not off the shelf yet in Singapore.
Erimin5 Nimetazepam is used for people who have insomnia .

I did a review on it before but I will review it again as because I was given Nimetazepam when I was in rehab. One 5mg tab to sleep (ordered on demand).

I consumed the pill given by the staff . After 15 minutes I felt the muscles on my face , neck and body being relaxed ! . (I wanted to stay awake cuz it feels so relaxing, but decided to just sleep.)
Anyway that’s what Erimin is about. It helps to relax the nerves on the back of the neck when It gets stiff and achy and does alot more like sleep , panic attacks ect ……….
Got to tell MYSELF.....USE IT Don`t abused it
These are the new pictures of the Erimin5 I took

Note: pictures was taken with a cheap webcam , so It maybe hard to read.


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