Friday, April 21, 2006

How would EQ Help an addict cope better?(A serious post)

It is clear that an addict can be in danger of relapse if he is unable to handle himself socially and emotionally. The ability to understand and handle oneself (intrapersonal) and others (interpersonal) makes up social intelligence. This is often lacking in addicts.

“EQ”, or the emotional quotient, is the form of social intelligence that can help the addict to monitor his own emotions and the emotions of others. This information can be used to guide his thinking and actions.

Areas such as the following are important to the addict in recovery:
  • Self awareness
  • managing emotions
  • motivating oneself
  • sense of empathy
  • ability to manage relationships

First of all, an addict acquires intrapersonal skills by learning to observe his actions and recognize his feelings. To cope with internal stressors, the addict needs to handle the different types of emotions he frequently experiences. These include depression, anxiety and anger.Effective handling of these feelings can help him avoid returning to substances as a means of escaping such unpleasant emotions.

Social pressures and interpersonal conflicts on the other hand can be tackled using interpersonal skills. Thus he also needs to develop sensitive to others around him and increase his competence in relating to people.

Another social skill that may be lacking is being assertive. Addicts do report discomfort in situations that require them to make a stand.Therefore it becomes diffecult for them to refuse when offered.... drugs.

Can these EQ Skills be Learnt?

some behavioural groupPrograms that are run by substance abuse counselors train addicts in intrapersonal and interpersonal skills are very useful.I myself has met alot of successfully train Counselors that are ex addict themself. This is the place

Sunday, April 16, 2006

My friend and his wife

My friend visited me with his wife yesterday at my parents home and we had a lot of things to catch up with .....Anyway he is older than me so that comforts me. "I am still NOT READY to get a wife".I really need work harder to get a bigger house,car ,money for the dream Honeymoon she wants ect ....for the "Comfort"all guys "sould be doing "to pamper their love ones with.(please correct me if I am wrong)
p/s:I am really busy with my work so I am doing just a short post. Sorry guys.
Update:This picture was taken by me with a Nikon FM2 flim SLR (click to enlage photo)

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Snorting Ritalin

I have been feeling very tired after yesterday’s cubing and decided to snort some crash Ritalin.It really perks me up, exp after the large amount of booze I had consumed .So I decided to insufflate some pre-crush Ritalin .
I chose My cell-phone as the base because I could not find a cleaner platform for the powdery mmm????chemical .

This is an air and water resident container for keeping pills but alots of Cocaine aka people uses this to store their drugs

I Pored about 30mg of Ritalin....

And decided to use my credit card to draw the line for old times sake where my party going acquaintance do when clubbing overseas . (the stilly ego think again)

And it’s done .
Updated: Ritalin Is A CNS Stimulant and you can see the experiences of this by clicking here .
There is also a page About the differences in getting the generic tabs in this page Methylphenidate vs. Ritalin

Saturday, April 08, 2006

What is Crazy Elephant?

We went to a pub called CRAZY ELEPHANT to chill out. (came back this morning at 2am ) This is what we ordered it comes in a nice neon lighted bucket filled with ice ! :)

There is also a Plasma TV screen flashing adult content jokes
P/s I have not been given permission to have the pictures of my "party" friends for hosting on this web blog . I may put it up as soon as they agree. Cheers!!!

To my Left is my Army buddy Nick and that’s me with that silly intoxicated look.

Friday, April 07, 2006

It’s Friday and I am smiling

I have been looking forward for this day to come I am so tired but happy and am counting the hours to the weekends to come for a good time of long deserve.......... Partying . :)

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Branded or Generic?

Valium By RocheBack of the bottle
Pharmaceuticals come in two forms. One comes from the original maker (the Company’s chemises that invented the drug) and the others are generics (none original). Let's take for example the chemical diazepam. The famous ROCHE Company invented it and they name it VALIUM. After many years of being approved by the F.D.A, they sometimes sell their "recipe" to other Drug makers to manufacture the medication in the condition that the trade name given for the medication. , “Valium” will not be use. To simplify things Valium is a brand name and diazepam is the chemical name (generic). Generic (Diazepam)
In my own point of view generic medications are not the same from the original maker, and different generics medications are also not the same. (In terms of psychotropic medications) Differences in the time the drug takes to take effect, the half-life of the medication are also different! So where’s is the ISO standard for all these medications !!.I don’t really know about the non psychotropic meds … but in terms of choosing between the Original and the generics, I will defiantly stick to the Branded ones.
After Note:Nitrazepam (Magadon) has hit the drug scene again about four years ago and it started out with doctors prescribing Nitrazepam from the manufacturer with a imprint that looks like an eight. (They called it Nitra 8 in the streets) and one with no imprint( so they called it Nitra blank) Most people prefer the one with no imprint , saying it better (faster onset, and shorter time reaching the plateau ). Does this show that the consistencies of the product that the manufacturers produce are not the same?

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Usb Hub

I went to Sim Lim Square today to buy a usb hub for my computer.I also got a new Imation flash drive that will replace my old 128mb HSBC flash drive.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Nokia 6021

I traded in my old phone for a Nokia and got $40 chash in return!!

It is a simple Cell phone with no camera function .

I still believe in being simple and own a functionable phone.

All in all it serves me very well.