Monday, February 27, 2006

Its Your Choice (A crazy post ?)

You take the blue pill and the story ends.You wake in your bed and you believe whatever you want to believe.

You take the red pill and you stayin Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.

Note: Erimin 5 (Nimetazepam) Is Classified under the MISUSE OF DRUG ACT (CHAPTER 185), SO Getting it from a General practitioner is a must.

Credit : Words taken from the Movie The Matrix

This is the LINK To the MISUSE OF DRUG ACT Singapore website

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Final Fantasy Lighter

I was passing by a comic shop where I saw this lighter. It has a character From the Game Final Fantasy. Looking at this lighter, it brought me back some happy memories. Memories of how I had so much fun playing with the Video Game without any Drugs. Sad....... but memorys of me being clean and having so much fun over simple things.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I Will Recover

This me about to enter the place I will now spent most of my time (sorry can’t disclose the place) (I Look SWEATY YA..)
Me with the Drums

Me being Mesmerize with some cord progression (Left)

(With no paper and Pencils on the table !!!! ?????)

Anyway after that Incident my left hand feels cramp and stiff. By the Way My sister who happens to be working as an occupation therapist did not care a dam on my well being ./But any way I will Recover !

After Note: I Know I look Uglier that the past..As I asid I will Recover


This is TYLENOL E.R as you may already know Tylenol comes in a selection of Tylenol 1#2 #3 #4 , of which the bigger the number the higher percentage of Codeine it contains.
But TYLENOL E.R (extended release) contains no Codeine!! Just acetaminophen :(

P/s I am posting this at 'home' and I can hear my mum nagging at me so ,I am so sorry for this sluglush post

Anyway click this

Monday, February 20, 2006

Subutex (I.V)

I have heard the dangers about the intravenous use on Subutex (buprenorphine ). I decided to give it a go as I have a bad name for experimenting different kinds of chemicals. The last time I use Subutex I.V was with a combination of Codeine and than injecting Buprenorphine . As for this (the second time using) I am clean from any kinda Opiates. So here is the trip report .
+0:00 injected 1/4 of a 2mg subutex scored from a neighborhood for Singapore $15
+0:01 Felt the infamous feeling of heroin, only better. ;-)
+0:03 Peaking as I smoke a Cig
+0:05 Reach the plateau
+1:00 Feeling it wearing off (kind of a half-life )
+2:00 Feeling the need to re inject it again as it reach it’s base line

This is more of a chill out drug than a work drug. (No ephedrine or any form of stimulants unlike most Codeine mixtures)

The packing comes in a empty Midazolam blister pill pack(front)

I thought twice before I precede the experiment as it looks doggy

After note: The problem of this drug is that a user needs to re inject the chem. Causing an addict to look for veins (may even collapse if a vain is overuse) it looks like abusing subutex is Harm Maximization than Minimization

Thursday, February 16, 2006

No Turning Back (a serious post)

From my experiences No matter how long a drug addict had been free from drugs, there is aways a possibility that he or she will suffer a relaps. The initial drug use from what I know is usually voluntary, that is, the addict chooses to take drugs. However , Addicts appear to suffer relapes due to very strong involuntary responses, esp when they are exposed to stimuli associated with the use of drugs.( be it pharmaceuticals or illicit ). The tendency to relapse after a period of abstinence may be the result of multiple factors, including environmental triggers (family ,gf , bf /problems ect...). Genetic vulnerability and the brain cell changes caused by the drug.

P/.s This is only base on my own assumptions and the Information maybe incorrect.
After note: It is like the song Hotel California from the Eagles .

Sunday, February 12, 2006

To kill or to be killed

I had a fight with a Guy as I was clubbing today and I feel like shit. Anyway I am too intoxicated at this time to blog aboult what went wrong as my head will be crashing on the keyboard at any moment......
anyway I don`t belive in fights.(Hate it Cuz it is so very Barbaric . )

Saturday, February 11, 2006

I will miss you Eugenia

This is A picture of my closes sister Eugenia and me . She is going to get married soon and I will really miss her

Note:I took this with a webcam from a print out photograph so I am sorry for the picture quality .

P/s She was not willing to take a photo with me for this blog so I had to do this discreetly

Friday, February 10, 2006

My home studio

This is the Instrument I Use to layout the frame or the ideas and inspirations I got to get things Started. It has 88 weighted keys, so putting the feelings (accent) into the song will be easier.

The Yamaha Electone EL-90

I will than do a simple 4 track arraging (A1-A2 Bridge-Chorus bla bla bla... that kind of shit)to get the feel of the yet- to- be- finish product of my arrangments or compositions I have in mind using the yamaha electone (sometimes I would include the colours of the sounds I programe and than , transfer the colours to a hardware Sampler )It uses A.W.M (Advance Wave Memory )The workhorse

After all the sampling is done I would than used V.S.T Modules (software base equipments inc Sequencers , soft synths ect...) installed in my Computer system to complete the finish production . For the keyboard controller I am using The Yamaha Sy55(Uses Advance Wave Memory 2) , Applauses Guitar, and a p4 system (will not go into the Specs)

P/s sorry for not going to the full details of how I use them .......anyway I still belive in simplicity and the advantage of having software base equipments is also effectiveness and best of all save lots of space.

UpDate:By the way the last post Posting From my Workstation was Accidentally pulled down so I`m giving a tour of my music gears again.(sorry guys)

As for me , cluttering all the instruments together is a big No No as I do my works in stages .

Thursday, February 09, 2006

New year’s Apologies

I am sorry for not posting during Chinese New Year period .To be frank I am now living alone In a Studio apartment. I chose to move out from my parent’s apartment Due to reasons I would not want to say. Anyway I am isolating myself for the time being from my relatives and family .I would be showing the pictures of my own home when the furnishes is done so stay tune…..:}

Valium Bliss

I happen to obtain a large amount of generic Valium (Diazepam) from a doctor. I said before that I would not want to consume any sort of benzodiazepines because of having an addictive mind, but my depressive episode is a bit unmanageable. Anyway promises are meant to be broken ya…

Friday, February 03, 2006

A Meeting with a Doctor

My friend was telling me about a Doctor that takes benzos and Codeine openly during consultation so I took an effort to follow him and later I was sock that even a person like a doctor would abuse pharmaceuticals. ...........

So I met up with the doctor and the friend in a clinic I would clinic I don’t want to disclose .The purpose? To obtain Codeine and Benzodiazepines for his case.(as for me I just want to see if he "my friend" was not lying .)

friend:Doctor “b” happy new year.
Doctor:(Popping two tablets of nitrazepam 5mg than reaching for his can of Coke light )
Doctor: So how much Codeine mixture do you want? .He than turn around and notice me , He was stunted and ask me to leave the consultation room . (He is not my regular G.P)

I was shock that at even a person like a doctor would abuse pharmaceuticals.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Erimin ニメタゼパム


Please click to get a Clearer Picture

Erimin 5 is a benzodiazepine under the hypnotics and sedative group. The generic name is Nimetazepam . It comes in 3mgs and 5mgs.The taste is sweet with a hint of bitterness . There are a lot of imitations for this drug (I myself cannot tell the difference) so getting it from a doctor is always a must. I am really a big fan of Erimin 5 .In Singapore Erimin is rampant in the black markets. One cannot be too sure of the ingredients the pills contain. Soft , mild and relaxing. That’s what Erimin is about. It helps to relax the nerves on the back of the neck when It gets stiff and achy and does alot more like sleep , panic attacks ect ……….
These are the pictures of the pills. the pills are be leveled in both sides


This is a picture of a 10mg Valium (Diazepam) :) I fix the problem!!!!!! yes.