Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The underlining problem

I am now posting in Changi General Hospital. And Am very confuse. I really have to make this short because I am not using my own terminal. All I can say is I am in some kind of a crisis. I got involve with the law just two days ago. And I will not wish to talk or write about it. I got to confess I have an underlining problem, and it is Obsessive compulsive neurosis that led me into substance dependence, or abuse if you (mum and Dad) cannot understand it . I will not find any meaning to live. I really think that I really need a pys Doctor to help me with my O.C.N. / .

Thursday, July 20, 2006

The pirce to pay

I was with my acquaintance in a drug district when I saw two ladies with slashes on their hands. They were all drug takers with slashes on their arms. One of them has fresh deep cuts all over her left arm, and they were also scoring for short acting benzodiazepines.I really felt for them because I myself have them too. We are not really crazy but have low tolerance to stress due to substance abuse (esp short acting hypnotic kinds of benzos) . I myself have slash marks on my hands.Click here .
Chemist invented barbiturates to methaqualone (a sedtive-hypnotic drug for anxiety , that is no longer on the market because of the harmfulness ) and now another chemical that is benzodiazepines .It looks like there isn’t any solution for harm reduction
It started out as something fun but ended up to be an agony