Wednesday, May 28, 2008

AM I going crazy??

A Poem by me called Frozen Snow
Drugs are bad, mmm-kay
Is what all the people say,
And I must agree with them at least
Due to my hangover today.
But quite a few of my aquaintances,
Seemed to never sleep,
I wondered why and had no clue
Until I found out this week.
They gather in the lounge,
And sit around a pipe
And smoke this ... called meth
I think some may call it ice.
This ... is completly crazy,
They feed their dealers greed,
And in their paranoid confusion,
They scratch until they bleed.
Their faces are so stunning,
The most gorgeous girls you'll ever see,
But ice has warped their perception,
And they've lost reality.
They live their lives in fear of exposion,
But its not a secret, if only they knew,
With the paranoid behaviour
Its obvious what they do.
Their intelligence will be ruined,
If they could see inside their heads,
They would see the internal damage,
And this erosion will surely spread.
Please see what you are doing,
Forget about your pride,
From this chemical concoction,
Do you realise how many have died?
I know its an epidemic,
I realise its a common thing,
I understand even lawyers smoke this stuff,
Anything to stop them from sleeping.
Just don't let your lives be taken,
Don't let the dealers win,
Fight the addictive urges,
Try confront it from within.
I really hope this is just a faze,
For their own sake alone,
Before they lose their brains, money and looks,
Dont let the wind turn into a cyclone.

BY:Rachel May


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