Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Cyber Casino

There are so many internet cafesin Singapore nowadays (esp. Geylang) where people can gamble!?? Yes!!It is kind of an internet surfing cover up thing. (Actually it’s a gambling dan) I could not sleep so I went to get a spin of what it is like to gamble cyberly (spelling error)

As for this dan , they use a program called JV8 Casino which is in Chinese.

I couldn’t read mandarin so I just ???surf the net ...............................

and did this post .
This is not a live-based casino where you get to claim your credits Via internet base, but it’s an intranet thing where you can get cash on the Spot! ( if you win of course ;) )
I took a shot of the place (which I will not disclose)with their Logitech webcam .
What a disappointment .