Sunday, January 21, 2007

Are you ON some kind of a drug??

Picture of the ritalin I took with a webcam
I took 2 tabs of Ritalin before going out with my friend list night.It kicks in a little so I consumed another 2 pills and that made 40mg of methylphenidat. The feeling of the 'Go pills' feels like Smocking(free base) Crack to me. My faithful friend whom I will not name,does a very important part in my music arrangements. He will go like. “No Intro part was not done well enough to catch the listener’s attention!!! ….. B2 part will be better with this feel or the adlib is too long.....the bridge does not suite the theme of the song! ect……… He also gives me the initiative to push myself not to be lazy in my accent and the feel for the Wind or Strings instruments .He is a pal I really need.

Picture of two blister packs of Stinnox
I had this feeling he knows I am on somthing and that troubles me alot.Anyway the incident is history. No point thinking aboult it ya....

Picture of a blister pack of Stilnox with 5 Tabs consumed
By the time I was go back to my parent's home I was having a hard time with the comedown.
I took 5 tabs of Stilnox(making it 50mg) to ease the crash.

This is a non-benzodiazipine short acting hyponic .Anyway I am too tiried to blog aboult today's incident. I just hope he does not come across my blog.

NOTE:I am typing after consuming 500MCG's of Zopidem.So there maybe lots of grammar and spelling errors .


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