Thursday, January 25, 2007

Family Meet up(a short post)

My sister’s and am family were with me two weeks ago. It was so wonderful I could keep in touch with my sisters again.(From left are Eugenia and my elder’s sister Eunice. )

Me and my stupid , spastic Smile.
We had caterers for our lunchl as we had vistors from our relatives comming in.
A picture of my Nephew with my grandma.
I really can't believe I was that fat till I saw this picture .My sisters were right. I am really putting on weight.(got to do something......fat ass)

P/S:This was a late post cuz I had to upload the pictures from my sister's camera, when she next visited My parents.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey!DAn thanks for adding me as a friend!keep it up!....GOLF;)

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