Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Beyond Dextoxification

Believe it or not many addicts do hope to change. They have suffered much because of their addiction. This includes personal loss, feelings of guilt , failure and shame, social stigma, financial ruin and even severe punishment under the law.

It is a therefore a mistake to believe they have no wish to stop using drugs. Most of them are desperately trying just to keep their withdrawal symptoms in check, and not think of getting a “high” . Thus, the majority of drug addicts are already fairly motivated to quit. They understand why they should stop, having endured much pain.
Are failures the result of a lack of willpower?
Families often blame the addict for being weak in determination or willpower. They believe that if the addict had more willpower, he would surely be able to kick the problem.

this is not entirely true. Take the case of those who suffer a relapse after years of staying away from substances. They have proven their strengths and willpower for a long time. Hence, it would be very unfair to blame their relapses on their personal weakness, or even worse, a lack of morals.

The reason for a relapse may be found elsewhere. There is now increasing evidence that drug addiction is a disease - a form of brain disorder(please click here). This might explain why determination is not enough to help a addict stay clear of their choice of substances.


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