Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Bird Park Singapore

I went out with my family during a public holiday on the Hari raya puasa (fasting for one month, named Ramadan for the Malays or non Malay Muslims)

I was kinda tired when we reach there at 09:35am in the morning because of not sleeping the night before.

This is the entrance of the Birdpark (……Apparently)

From left: (My Grandma , Mum and finally my Dad )
The Singapore bird park also includes healthcare aides for those who needs help with mobility. And since my grandma is 85 years old and having an arthritic problem, she needs the help of a wheelchair .

After passing the main entrance, we were greeted by different exotic… flamingos. Which I couldn’t remember the breed (due to the large amounts of benzos I consume the night before. )

My parents with grandma behind the .....err Birds :)

My Dad and me.

and me again with that stupid look after trying to look awake , but it turn up ...... ??(o.k).

This breed of bird is called the Lugger Falcon.

Next up, comes the Sea Eagle

And the Malay Fish Owl in Malay it is called Ketupa ketupu.

WE spotted a huge reptile …..What can it be???

I think it’s some kind of an iguana

Next stop, to the bird feed enclosure :)

This is the cross bridge where I had to proceed to the bird feeding arena where visitors can feed the birds or parrots? with what I only saw.

Birds having their fest !!

I really do not know what kinda breed of birds they were, but I assume it as parrots (for they did not specify them at the entrance )

A closer view of the birds.

You scream I scream we had ice cream !

I had a double scope of 'Irish dubfold' and 'Coclate chip sound' (spelling error)With M&Ms as topping on a wafer .It was indead cool and refreshing after comsuming that.

After Note:There were so many breeds of birds out there so I couldn’t take them all not talking aboult remembering them but all in all it was a pleasant trip :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Know what, the instance I saw this post of yours, it brought back memories of me being there with my family, with my dad still around. Family trips always make me feel whole.

You've got very good looking parents. Not forgetting your grandma too. Appreciate them when they are still around.

4:08 PM  
Blogger Daniel said...

Thanks I just added a new pic of my dad and myself which I miss out.
Anyway I am being eccentric for doing this.

4:26 PM  
Anonymous erimin 5 candy said...

hi,,what a great blog,why don't you just jump off from the bridge Singaporean copy cat !! what a shame retarded bastard !!!

2:19 PM  
Anonymous pop the cherry said...

ya.ya.ya..fat version of 6th seal ..heheh..

2:21 PM  

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