Thursday, June 22, 2006

Nicorette Gum

I purchase 2 boxes of nicorette nicotine gum to help win off smocking .Nicorrette comes in 5 different variations (Nicorette Patch, Nicorette Gum, Nicorette Inhaler and the Nicorette Microtab. I chose the gum under the pharmacist recommendation. There is also a 15% discount when you buy two packs, both costing me over 50 dollars SGD. The gum comes in two Strengths regular Strength (2mg) and Extra Strength (4mg). It also comes in two variations one is plain and the other is lace with a hint of mint. I chose the one with the mint.
Taking the nicorette gum is different for chewing normal gums. You have to chew a few times and than park it at the side of the gums to let the nicotine adsorbed into the membranes. (So less chewing more parking) The taste of the gum does has a mint flavor but the bitterness is more profound.Cravings for cigarettes are also lessen.

Each box contains 2 slabs of 15 pieces each .
A close up view of the gum (the change of colour was due to the led lighting for a better close up shot)


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