Friday, February 10, 2006

My home studio

This is the Instrument I Use to layout the frame or the ideas and inspirations I got to get things Started. It has 88 weighted keys, so putting the feelings (accent) into the song will be easier.

The Yamaha Electone EL-90

I will than do a simple 4 track arraging (A1-A2 Bridge-Chorus bla bla bla... that kind of shit)to get the feel of the yet- to- be- finish product of my arrangments or compositions I have in mind using the yamaha electone (sometimes I would include the colours of the sounds I programe and than , transfer the colours to a hardware Sampler )It uses A.W.M (Advance Wave Memory )The workhorse

After all the sampling is done I would than used V.S.T Modules (software base equipments inc Sequencers , soft synths ect...) installed in my Computer system to complete the finish production . For the keyboard controller I am using The Yamaha Sy55(Uses Advance Wave Memory 2) , Applauses Guitar, and a p4 system (will not go into the Specs)

P/s sorry for not going to the full details of how I use them .......anyway I still belive in simplicity and the advantage of having software base equipments is also effectiveness and best of all save lots of space.

UpDate:By the way the last post Posting From my Workstation was Accidentally pulled down so I`m giving a tour of my music gears again.(sorry guys)

As for me , cluttering all the instruments together is a big No No as I do my works in stages .


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