Friday, December 23, 2005


A friend of mine wrote a trip report on DXM and wanted me to post it here. It's pretty entertaining and I don't have anything to post today, so here goes. It should be said that DXM is a dissociative anaesthetic like ketamine and PCP and can cause false positives in tests for PCP. If you're interested in trying this, read the DXM FAQ [] and this article about NMDA Antagonist Neurotoxicity []. The following trip report has been posted in its entirety and without any editing. The author does not want to be named.

I have finished a normal sized dinner at 7 pm. At 9:30 pm I took a 200 ml bottle of Robitussin DX (3mg per 10 ml), which gives me 600 mg. With my body weight of 70 kg, that amount of DXM will push me into the 3rd plateau. This is my first time taking DXM and I did not have a trip sitter with me. As per custom in such cases, I wrote the drug name, amount taken and body weight on my left hand. DXM is not illegal in Australia and most other countries. I have had previous experience with hallucinogens, so I know what to expect. I took copious amounts of LSD when I was 16 and I’ve also taken speed, ecstasy, marijuana recreationally. Contrary to the reports I’ve read, Robitussin DX is not hard to swallow or disgusting in taste. I found it quite sweet and pleasantly acceptable when I chugged the whole bottle down. The texture is surprisingly not cloying and st, but rather smooth and went down without much trouble. The opening of the Robitussin DX bottle was small and not conducive to chugging but I managed to get it down within 5 seconds. I did not have nausea and only had to chase the mixture with a swig of water to clear my mouth of the taste. To provide a safe and comfortable setting, I’ve locked the door to my room and switched off all the lights.
10:30 pm
Felt a slight intoxication with periphery numbness consistent with alcohol. Interestingly, my lips feel slightly numb as well. I feel somewhat sleepy as well, so I’m going to get a diet coke. Caffeine and disassociates do not go well together. It’s a bit hard to go to the toilet when you can’t move now innit? :) I’m having slight trouble recalling events too, I wonder if that’s because I’m sleepy? Slight tingling around the scalp area too, not entirely unpleasant, but it feels a bit weird. Slight nausea and dizziness when I walk.
10:52 pm
Feeling rather intoxicated now. Slight tunnel vision and a general ‘feeling’ of intoxication. Shit, my whole scalp itches and it didn’t go away when I scratched it. Trip coming on now. I keep on scratching my whole scalp but it’s STILL so damn itchy. Is this is dreaded Robo Itch? Nevermind. Nevermind. Don’t let that spoil your trip. It’s damn itchy though. Needs two hands to scratch to fulfill the itch. Best to leave it alone? My head is damn itchy and painful. Calm down. I’ve been scratching my head for several minutes now and it’s still itchy and painful. I promise to leave it alone now. I’m listening to Cradle of Filth now and it sounds good. Mellow and peaceful, but my head itches so much. Damn. The itchy scalp itch has now spread to my forehead. Fuck.
11:02 pm
I’m STILL scratching my scalp and forehead and some parts are starting to hurt. And now the itch has spread to my eyelids. Damn. I’ve found its nicer and not so tough on the skin to put my hands under my shirt and use my shirt to rub my forehead. I’m starting to sweat a lot too. Naughty. I’m getting a lot of the side effects of the trip. Urm…my neck itches now.
11:18 pm
The itch has spread to my chest. Calling it an itch is too subtle as it hurts now. Going to the mirror to see if I’ve scratched myself raw. It doesn’t look red at all but it hurts. After washing my face, even the underside of my eyes itch. It didn’t before. :( Feeling slightly intoxicated now, but still coherent and able to communicate. I hate the itch.
11:31 pm
Still can’t stop scratching myself. Scratch scratch scratch. It’s a compulsion. My whole body itches…neck…shoulders…back.
11:41 pm
Scratch scratch scratch
11.45 pm
The itch has spread to my lower belly and upper thighs. Good thing it bypassed my crotch. I wouldn’t want to scratch that raw. Heh. I’m feeling a heaviness in my brain, as if all my blood has concentrated there.
11:58 pm
Still itchy but it’s subsiding. Feels good to scratch anyway. If it’s not on the head that is. Scratching the head hurts. Whoa…swinging my head from left to right a couple of times made me dizzy. :) I remember once when I had a slightly bad trip on LSD. I went to a rave with a couple of friends and got home at around 6 am after getting some McDonald’s. I haven’t eaten it yet, it was still with me, and I looked in the mirror and my eyes scared me. Heh. But then I ate my stuff while still tripping took a shower and tried to go to sleep. While looking at my ribcage, I realized that one side is much higher than the other side. I totally freaked out for no good reason and tried pressing one side down. I was frantic when it wouldn’t go down and kept punching it to make it go down and make both sides symmetrical. I was almost starting a panic attack when I calmed myself down and told myself it was probably just the acid that made one side look higher than the other. After telling myself that a couple of times, I calmed down somewhat, but it still looked disturbing to me. I don’t know why I was so freaked out by that, it’s actually no big deal but while on acid, it seemed a pretty big deal for some reason. Ah…the wonders of psychedelics.
12:07 am
I looked in the mirror just now and saw the stuff I wrote on my hand and laughed. I don’t like the way I laugh. Fucking annoying. I don’t think I laugh like this normally. The way my mouth contorts when I laugh just now is really very annoying and makes me want to punch myself. I think it’s because I don’t like someone with the same smile and it irks me that I’m smiling that same smile now. Shit. That sucks. I have an ugly smile. I don’t like the way I look in the mirror when I smile. But that could be because I’m forcing myself to smile in a shitty way.
12:27 am
I realize that I’ve been inadvertently gritting my teeth like I usually do when I’m on speed. Oh well, at least I’m not grinding it. Hey, I can correct my own grammar. J
12:40 am
It’s 12:40 now and still no hallucinations. L There is a pretty heavy stoning effect but that wasn’t what I was after. I prefer intellectual highs. The itch still hasn’t gone away but it’s pleasant now. Nice to scratch the itch.
1:03 am
I’ve been to the mirror in the toilet and checked out my body. A lot of marks from scratching but nothing permanent. Slight visual artifacts but nothing much more than that. Feeling a bit drunk though, as if I’ve consumed alcohol. Is this all to DXM? I’m very disappointed if it is. Perhaps I should have taken it on an empty stomach.
1:15 am
Was amusing myself by taking photos of myself. I found out that I can take numerous photos of myself with the same facial expression and pose. Heh.
1:18 am
Feeling rather euphoric now. All is good, but I wanted to have a psychedelic experience as opposed to a euphoric one. Does DXM and caffeiene bind to non-competitive receptors in the brain? Or, *gasp* are they competitive receptor binders and so that’s why I’m not feeling the typical 3rd plateau experience?
1:28 am
Okay, my trip is ending. I knew I should not have eaten just now.
3:02 am
I’m pretty much sober now. The trip wasn’t very exciting and I had expected much more. There was very mild closed eye visuals and hallucinations but not full blown ones typical with acid trips. DXM definitely is psychoactive and I felt rather stoned in the early and middle parts of the trip but there wasn't much psychedelic activity. I also felt mentally euphoric but without the 'energy' of speed towards the end of the trip. Was that from the caffeine or DXM? Also, I’m feeling slightly queasy from the Robitussin and rather hungry as well. Perhaps I’ve expected too much from this trip or I just ate too much, because my experience wasn’t really interesting at all. I got the dreaded Robo Itch really bad though. By my body weight, the dosage I gave myself should put me into the 3rd plateau but it did not. I was rather out of it during the trip but could still move about. My experience did not fit into any of the plateaus documented in the FAQ. I might try DXM again but I’ll double the dosage and do it on an empty stomach to see if I can get into the 4th plateau or I’m one of those people who just doesn’t get much from DXM. I’m rather bummed though…I killed all those brain cells and risked Olney’s Lesions for nothing. I could have gotten the same buzz from alcohol. Tsk tsk…and I was looking forward to an intellectual psychedelic experience.


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