Monday, August 27, 2007

Operation unsuccessfull

People just Can`t understand!!!!!!!
I was under police custody and had to go for a hand sugery due to a very small cut in my hand that lead abscess pus in my right hand.The Surgeon said he will only cut a Small slit to remove it.The Operation I first underwent (Done by General anesthesia ) failed . I was shock the there was an open wound on my right hand, to make things worst more Pus was infected a few days later on my hand !

They said they had to make another "slit" just to remove the newly infected wound .When I saw my hand again , I could see the tendon! All in all I underwent three General anesthesia just to remove the pus from the small cut from the beginning . The operation was really badly done. I am now suffering for the after effects of the Opt .Looks like I have to pick myself up from the depression I am suffering from. Hay man !Just imagine the years of intensive drill training on the piano and Electone and the skills I had just went down the drain...... in just a couple of days.I can't even run the chromatic scales on the piano.I don`t even dare to try spinning the vinyl on my decks.Shit.........,.,.,.


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