Saturday, April 21, 2007

You cheer me up.

I received an email from my future Brother-in-law and it was really ,really…an encouragement letter to me.(After what had happen and already expressed myself in my last writings )
Anyway I think he reads my blog? The problem is that he don’t even talk to me directly when we see each other.( Not to mention even through phone!(SHARKS) And I was really Dam surprise to received his e-mail.
Just to let you know 'he' (my bro-in-law) gave me the green light to post this picture in my Web blog. I feel he is just giving me the support I need during this hard time where I have to rough it through, and most of all I know I am not alone in this world anymore. It feels like I am in a war fighting a losing battle and reinforcements has arrive just to save a Private. Drugs had made a great impact in my life, esp in the relationship part.(I am getting rid of my Opiate dependency and my choice is?..... to get myself through this 'the hard way', so as I will never go near a pharmacy again!!!)......OR was this my imagination? (I am just kidding).
  • BY THE WAY:He don't do drugs and have a University degree .


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