Tuesday, April 17, 2007

It looks like WE C.A.R.E Foundation doesn’t want me.

I was spending time in a place called the We Foundation in Singapore to seek treatment form my Pharmaceutical addiction. I like the place so much and treated it as my second home after a Program I attended in 2005. I donated what I could to the organization (Keyboard stand, A mike stand, guitar stand(lost in space?), Sustain pedal ….)This cost me hundreds of dollars, as an appreciation to what the place taught me .A guy I shall not name was also there and was giving us talks during the weekend for that course I attended. I chose him as a sponsor (to simplify things a sponsor means he will be of help to me when I crave for my drug. and help me from my addictive behaviors)
I found out later that he was very crafty. He did not make any effort to answer, one phone call I made, when I was in a crises to use drugs.
What made things worst was I still carried on the sponsorship with him and not make the change of my sponsorship! I have this ‘people pleasing’ personality (that was told by my friend)I really do not know if this habit is good or bad.
It is 2007 now, and I am still having a hard time with my addictive behaviors. So one day when I was at the WE. C.A.R.E Foundation, I was telling him I will put a Web Cam on the computer system which I hook up (I have a few old cams at home and the old pc at the café crashed), so as people can use the computer in the ‘3Cs” café to unwind them self, I hook up a new system :)
He shouted at me saying “hay we run this place not you, ok .Don’t try to act smart!” I told him I set up the computer system but he shouted back at me saying he is the one who set it up!? True enough, he always wants to take the credit and that is only one of his Personality. Anyway he went into the office and when one of the higher ranking staff of the foundation saw me he was like “hay ! hay ! what, what)I really did not know what he told him. All I could say I feel he was being crafty and he said a different story. I was so piss off and felt that no one appreciated my work and my good intentions. I was so demoralized and I told them that my parents wanted to donate some money to that place. (Which was not true.) I than started to cover up my lie by saying I took my dad’s $ 2000 check and spent it. (which was not true either )
Anyway to cut things short I was “ban” form that place for the time being because I am back on pharmaceuticals .I was also at fault because I am getting glanderous thoughts (siao) due to my depression and hight benzodiapine abuse.

P/S I have a strong feeling he will get back at me some way or another.(I always have the impression of him as being mean and needs the habit to what na take charge of things. He even says that he will sue me if I did not take off a photo from one of my web blog .(I just hope I is just my imagination)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Firstly Daniel, Thanks for removing the photo and not mentioning my name. As for your unhappiness with the centre and the staff, WE have already explained to you the reason for asking you to leave.. you were intoxicated and tried to cheat on your UT (Urine Test). That itself is a serious NO NO in a place like that.. you know that already. As for your kind efforts.. we do appreciate it.. however, if you think that in doing so would grant you special priviledges, I am so sorry for bursting bubble.

As I said to you countless number of times Daniel, you have your potential in many areas, you don't need to seek approval and pretend to be something you are not. Just be yourself dude.. and stay off the meds if you didn't already know.

With love,

9:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really think this Daniel guy is a sicko and a nut case. How can a practising addict's words be taken for what its worth?

He's just sore about his sorry state and wants the world to compensate for his inadequacies. What a loser primero man.

Loose the drugs bro, and stop blaming the world for the shit that you brought upon yourself.

9:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ya. this guy just sucks.. that's all.. Suck! Sixthseal wanna be...

9:23 AM  

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