Friday, October 20, 2006

Pfizer Pen

A full view of the pen
I happen to come across a pen with the logo of the famous pharmaceutical company Pfizer that invented an Anxiolytic drug named Xanax! in my parent’s home. My mom who is a Staff Nurse must have got it back from her place of work.

A close up view of the "branded" pen
Being a fan with this company that invent new type of chemicals to rectify our imperfect body, I kept it as a souvenir. What a peculiar think to do! right?

I am depress,so my post may be very dry. SORRY....


Blogger nevermind... said...

amazing. i stumbled upon a blogger who is not unlike me.

well. i heard epilim is for seizures. i took it as well.

am now on faverin/sulpiride/zoplicone/alprazolam *doh to the last one*

yes, the doc will administer atarax or zoplicone to benzo abusers like us!

12:50 AM  
Anonymous liquidblackout said...

I live close to the Pfizer headquarters, as well as Novopharm

I wonder if I can get one if I make a visit

9:45 AM  

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