Friday, June 09, 2006

Discharge from the hospital

I just came back from hospital after being there for about eight days. As for the reason, all I could say is I was having insomniac like problem and also wanted a full psychological evaluation of myself on having a compulsive behavior towards psychotropic substances . They found out I had an ‘addictive mind’ and ask about other compulsive behavior like using the internet , gambling and even sex! sharks. They explain to me that addiction is a diseases and have someting to do with a part of my brain.(I fully agreed cuz my grand dad was a gambling addict)Anyway I was discharge today and was given Zopiclone. (a non benzodiazepine sleeping aid) and a appointment to see an addiction train psychiatrics

Back of the blister pack
This is a close up view of the Z ... drug I was prescribed .Fearing that I might abuse this the doctors gave me only a three day supply as it had some benzodiazepine like structure in it.

Front of blister pack
This is how the front of the blister pack look .It comes in a white none transparent slab

P/s I took a tablet before doing this post ;)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You brought Shame and disgrace to us musicians in Singapore. You may have you contract terminated if Billy knows about your blog and your lifestyle.
You should know that this is Singapore not Amsterdam. SO wake up! My friend


2:56 PM  
Blogger Daniel said...

You can tell billy aboult my drug problem.ya
I am working for 5 years professionally and my demos has never been rejected.

6:28 PM  

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