Sunday, May 21, 2006


My friend Chris ask me to go to Orchard today but I decided to stay in my parent’s house and not go . I don’t have a habit of going to Orchard during the first day of the week, where I sometimes go during weekdays.Buy the way my Nikon FM2 has been damage(again) by fungus due to using it on the beach last week.It was used to take shots of my sister’s Golden Retrieval.He only likes to swim so I had to get into the shallow waters for a good shot of him.
Anyway I manage to take a picture of my sister’s pet dog using a Point and shoot digital Camera for posting.

Update:I manage to scan a photo of the picture I took with my flim camera after developing . AS the file size is large I chose the best picture I took.

From left is my elders sister Eunice with her husband Noah

Taken by me with a Nikon FM2 click here for full view


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