Monday, May 22, 2006

The Ugly sight of some cab drivers

I was returning form lunch today when I met a woman that was in a wheelchair trying to flag a Cab. I notice that in that short ten seconds two taxis stop beside her and once noticing she was alone with on one assisting her they drove off immediately! I was shock and really felt for her that how some Singaporean cab drivers reacted to a person that needed assistances. I could read through her face that she was indeed very disappointed and frustrated and felt sorry for her.
I do not know how long she has been waiting, and what makes things worst was it took place during a lunch hour where it’s the easiest time of the day in a location I was in to catch a cab and no Cabbies wanted to help!
All in all I found out that the cab drivers were only too lazy to carry her foldable wheelchair into and out of their boot. I also realize that she needed no assistance in getting into a cab! But only needed some help from someone to put her wheelchair into and out of a vehical.

P/S Her wheelchair is ones with wheels that can be remove and smaller than the normal ones you see in hospitals

Update:She called me the following day to thank me asking my address saying she wanted to sent a card.I told her it wasn’t necessary but she insisted .
What an appreciative Lady ! :)


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No wounder you were late for work

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