Saturday, May 27, 2006

Picture of my home

I did mention in the past about posting pictures of my apartment so here it is .This is the room where my visitors or my working partners sit around where we discuss our work or to just chill out. My parents comes in at times to clean up the mess after I had messed it up from the coffee and food droppings I left behind . As for today I will remain in this room where I can feel serene before going out for dinner with my parents. As for the other rooms it is used for my music and being not furnish yet, it will not be appropriate to take shots of them. I am staying on the ground floor so I can have a view of the common garden. It nice but not to my liking .By the way I am now posting with my friend’s PDA in this room now because I am too lazy to go upstairs where my workstation is to post.


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