Thursday, March 09, 2006

Relapse is not the end (A serious post)

What if one relapse ?First of all, he or she should not feel discouraged or condemn one-self.
A lapse or relapse can be used as a learning experience towards a better recovery in the longer-term. For a start he or she must convince one self to stop using Substances immediately

It is important for one to discuss this problem with some concerned family members or friends, and not just confide in his or her counselor or sponsor. This will help One regain his or her motivation to stay free from drugs. Love ones can offer valuable support and they may also help work out a recovery plan.

If a relapse comes after an addict defaults treatment, he may whish to consider seeking professional help again. Another round of detoxification could be necessary.

One way for a person that is dependent on substances need to learn from past mistakes is to figure out the causes, and identify the chain of events, thoughts, feelings, attitudes and behavior which led to the relapse One needs to analyze each of the warning sings and how they added to decision to use substance again.

If there is any high-risk situation related to the relapse, one should get out of that situation. If the trigger was a problem or crises, then he or she needs to deal with it at once. The addict is likely to face criticism or disappointment from his family or friends because of his relapse. Nonetheless, it is a crucial period for him or her and needs to reach out for support.

Disclaimer: This may not be accurate because It was taken from my own perspective point of view .From a book I am planning to publish…????


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