Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Where have I gone, oh where am I bound? The masters of greed have their hands I am nowhere to be found.
my body is here, I see it every day;But my soul has gone into slavery And cannot get away.
They have me there, And keep me for their gold;
Just as in days of slavery,mylife has been bought and sold.
The masters of greed,Have neither love nor pity;They run your block,my block, everyone's neighborhood,They run every town and city.
They'll sell you , me things, I, you.... cannot do without;And when you've paid all I couldsteal They'll laugh and spit me out. And those who love me, And those whom I love, What can I..... do,But weep and watch one die?But again will There be hope....??????
Daniel lim
p/s Took this photo with a digital SLR click to Enlarge


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