Friday, January 20, 2006

They can’t understand so they Condemn

This is a serious post so there is no pictures for any Distraction

Drug addiction . The name itself carries a bad name in this society. I myself am battling with this problem for years. Doctors say it is a disease .Society presumes it as a sign of rebelliousness.
Whichever is correct a person that is dependent on substances needs the help and support of their love ones to win over their addictive behavior. No one wants or likes to be dependent to any substances they are on.

(sorry to be direct now)All I can say is Parents if any of your children or spouse is dependent to any substance. Please. Don’t be too hash on them (because it will only make things harder for them to quit) , but help them by talking to them calmly. (also the same for your bf or girlfriend please try to understand them .)
A good approach is by referring them to the people who are train in this line . I am not a professional in the line of addiction and am only stating things from my own experience. These are some links I found that maybe useful for their recovery .

Update.....I would like to state that I am having a problem with pharmaceuticals, and not illicit Drugs.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are not alone on this Daniel... you just have to learn to deal with reality and not to beat yourself up each time things don't go your way...

You can't blame anyone for the way they are treating you now that you are trying to put down the narcs... they are the way they are partly because of your behaviour... you have to claim ownership for the things you have done and the pain you have caused to these people.. call me if you need to talk



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