Monday, January 09, 2006


Heroin. The name alone invokes fear in the hearts of man.

Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but you’ve gotta admit, this drug sure has a bad name. :) There is a particular ‘S’ suburb here that’s known for having dealers of heroin on the streets. I went to check the place out at the beginning of the week. There are several dodgy looking people around the main street, and after standing in front of the central part, I noticed several guys who seem to be a permanent fixture of the place. One of the guys were obviously nodding out, stumbling around with a vacant stare and all that. I went up to one of them and stuck up this conversation:
Me: Hello, are you from around here?
Dealer: Yeah, what’s up?
Me: I hear you can get stuff here.Dealer: (cautiously) What kind of stuff?
Me: Drugs.
Dealer: What do you want?
Me: What do you have?
Dealer: I only have heroin, you know, smack.
Me: Okay, how much are they?
Dealer: How much do you want?
Me: I only want a small amount.
Dealer: I have A$50 caps.Me: Sure, I’ll have one of those. I hear there’s a lot of cops around here too, should we go somewhere else?
Dealer: Yeah, you gotta be careful around here, there’s heaps of cops in this area. I’m scared man, you don’t look like the type that buys smack.
Me: Well, I’m just experimenting. I’m a student, actually.
Dealer: Okay, walk with me.(We walk into a shopping center)(He seems to chew on something for a bit and inconspicuously slips something out of his mouth and hands it to me)
Dealer: Here you go.(I hand him a A$50 bill)
Dealer: Is this your first time doing smack?
Me: Yeah. I was planning to just snort it.
Dealer: It works better if you smoke it. Just burn it on a foil and smoke it with a straw or something.
Me: Yeah. I know that method too.
Dealer: Okay, take it easy man.
Disclaimer: This was an experience by my friend overseas and I DO Not !! Condone the use of Drugs.


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